Monday, 30 March 2015

Chiang Mai Ride - Should or Not

We decided to carry forward our rides of exotic routes and click another from our bucket list. Ride the 'Golden Triangle' in North Thailand with routes touching Laos and Myanmar. Had heard and read a lot about it and contacted one known friend organising this, Mike from Victorianz Tours.

He gave us a lovely deal and plan was for five or six of us to ride for a week plus in Apr 2015 but extremely good budget quotes. Excitement was bubbling but was burst like a bubble when all my friends cancelled their plans one after the other for various reasons.

By then the idea of riding in hills of North Thailand was engrained in my sub conscious and there was no way I was not riding this one. Keeping the time period and various other aspects finally decided to go ahead alone with Rekha (my wife) as my pillion on the ride.

Mike from Viktorianz ( also could not muster enough riders for the ride on my given dates. Finally homed onto Tony Big Bikes ( based in Chiang Mai after reading numerous feedbacks and comments on net.

Contacted the guys and promptly was replied with full details including their cost from Duncan. They are basically two expats (both from UK) running the show. Duncan and Jeff both finally addressed my various questions. Now the big issue of dates came in, their rides were planned before or after my block dates with leeway for change. Somehow with advice from Andy in Wellington managed to get leave starting in mid March and confirmed to Jeff.

Planning started with earnest efforts to find all possible material on net and books and gain knowledge about this ride. It proved my suspicion correct, this ride promised to be through beautiful country side with excellent roads.

Packing was a muted affair as these guys have a support vehicle moving with luggage and they provide helmets, riding jackets and gloves. We just had to pack our riding boots, carry our casual clothes, driving license and offcourse money.

Had previously booked my tickets through Air Asia and with change in dates had to pay extra. Bags packed, tickets booked, permissions in place, Visa on Arrival......Thailand here we come. 

You can see us waiting for our flights at Chennai Airport....

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